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  • created lightbox for landing page to ask visitors to the site to subscribe if they have remained on the page for 60 seconds

  • added button option for subscribing


  • made homepage visible for mobile users


  • added drop-down menu to landing page for later connection to various services

  • rewrote landing page blurb

  • redesigned "home" page assets to include an "about us" section

  • removed previous "why wctl" and "who we are" sections, moved all info to "about us" section

  • fixed various typos

  • built new marketing slideshow assets for homepage and added to "about us" section

  • built new challenge link and added lightbox

  • added Windley Ely direct link to header when logo is clicked

  • renamed "services" page to "all services"


  • continue optimizing for mobile

  • sign up for adwords

  • rebrand website

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