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WCTL’s National Nurse Triage program is the only one of its kind in Canada and adheres to best practice Nurse Triage protocols. Proactive Nurse triage helps reduce the number of medical aid, restricted work and time loss claims while ensuring injured employees are directed to medical care when required. Telephonic Nurse Triage at the point of injury minimizes the probability that seemingly straight forward incidents spiral into complex and costly claims. The program provides employers with a level of accountability that vastly improves the integrity of HSE statistics.

Nurse Triage is most effective when bundled with WCTL’s Disability Claims Management Services. However, the Nurse Triage program can also be offered on a “Standalone” basis for a minimum monthly subscription fee.  




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Windley Ely brings significant expertise to manage your Workers’ Comp program end-to-end going well beyond claims management

  • For many of our clients, we monitor and manage all of their Workers’ Comp  accounts with the provincial boards and add value in several areas. Some example are:

    • Account structure / Experience Rating -  Reviewing account structure and previous performance to identify optimal Workers’ Comp account structure to maximize experience rating performance

    • Reclassification – Ensuring optimal classification including identifying opportunities to restructure of the legal organization or operations to allow for lower premiums

    • Remittances – Ensuring payroll remittances are performed optimally and net premiums paid are as low as possible

    • Audit Support – Providing support for board audits. We ensure a smooth process and review all documentation to ensure that everything is positioned in the right context to maximize the chances for an optimal outcome


Account management solutions are only one of the added services that WE offers its clients. This same level of service is carried towards WC Audits, Reporting, Training, Governance, Quality Assurance, Compliance and others



Cost Relief

In Ontario or Quebec? Call us at 1(800) 562-7001

“We thought we were maximizing our Cost Relief opportunities until we saw the results WCTL was able to achieve with their medical and legal expertise….. a lucrative decision to go with WCTL.”

Retroactive Cost Relief is an often missed opportunity to recoup money previously paid to the WCB and to significantly reduce future premiums.  It is a provision available to employers under WCB policy that allows employers to remove or reverse

costs from their experience rating account. 

This is one area in particular where if the employer does not possess the appropriate medical expertise and policy knowledge, a great deal of money can be “left on the table”.

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