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A Division of Windley Ely Inc.

Work Comp. Tech (WCTL) is the medical division of Windley Ely.


We are an innovator of medically focused disability management solutions. Our claims management services are medically driven and tailored to the needs of our clients, helping to ensure optimal outcomes for firms in any industry or regulatory environment, nation-wide. Click here or scroll down to learn more about us, or here to learn more about what we do, or browse our services in the menu below.

About Us

Work Comp. Tech (WCTL) is a progressive innovator of medically focused disability management solutions. It is a division of Windley Ely (WE), which is the largest workplace disability claims management firm in Canada. The group is at the forefront of developing creative disability management solutions that help employers achieve optimal claim outcomes in today’s challenging workplace. WE’s client roster includes some of Canada’s most recognizable employers from both the private and public sectors, unionized and non-unionized.

About Us


WCTL offers a range of programs with varying levels of medical management to suit every employer’s disability management needs.  WCTL’s National Nurse Triage program exemplifies the progressive nature of the unique services we bring to market.  Introduced in 2017, it is the only program of its kind in Canada. It follows best practice Nurse Triage protocols to guide employers at the critical “Point of Injury” phase of a disability claim to help minimize Time Loss while ensuring injured employees are directed for appropriate care. Nurse Triage generates the best results when paired with WCTL’s medically focused disability management programs.

All WCTL programs are supported by leading edge proprietary process and technology and administered by a highly skilled, integrated team of professionals including:

  • Registered Nurses

  • Case Team Managers

  • Occupational Health Physicians

  • Orthopedic Specialists

  • Psychiatrist and other mental health care professionals

  • Lawyers specializing in WCB policy  

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